Window Awning Fabric For Bedroom

Window Awning Fabric Blue

Window awning fabric – Add an awning to your child’s bedroom window to give the room a cafe feel, or adding a unique window decoration. Home stores sell indoor awning kit and the matching fabric awnings to join them. Instead of buying the fabric awning, make your own to customize the colors and patterns to fit your child’s room decor. Choose the perfect fabrics and create your own awning in one afternoon.


Cut a piece of fabric that is equal to the length of the set top awning bar plus 1 inch and the width of the awning arm field plus 1 inch. The upper and lower rails, the rods that hold the fabric. The arms are bars that attach to the wall to keep the lower bar away from the wall. Choose fabric that matches your child’s room.

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Place fabric on a flat surface. Fold all four edges over 1/2 inches. Iron the folded edges and attach them with straight pins. Sew along the straight pin with a sewing machine in a straight stitch. Leave all four corners unsewn, leaving a half-inch gap to allow the window awning fabric. Remove the straight pins. Add decorations to the fabric as desired. Use hot glue to attach the sequins, pompoms or fringe to the edges of the fabric to match the room decor. Apply glue to the back of the decoration and print directly on the fabric. Let the glue dry for three to five minutes before continuing.

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Hang awning kit on the wall with the accompanying window awning fabric. Awning kit varies from manufacturer; however kits usually have four wall mountings for arms to connect and hold the top bar. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper attachment.