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Wall Panels – A wall panel is a coating solution for a smooth or raised decoration. Which allows you to renovate the interior walls of your home relatively easily, for a clean and neat result. This guide provides advice and information in terms of installation and specifies the various existing possibilities. And prices of wall panels on the market today as well as some examples of installation by professionals.

The predominantly decorative character of the wall panels makes it the preferred covering for construction and renovation projects. Some are perfect for a bathroom and are very resistant to moisture. That is more present than in other rooms of your home. For a bathroom, high-pressure laminate panels offer many decorations and declinations. Imitation tiles, wood, slate, marble, cement, etc., from € 55 per m². Wall panels of different styles can be installed in every room to provide a decorative element in a living room, a soothing atmosphere in a room.

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Perfect for premises where hygiene standards are strict. Composite resin wall panels are very easy to clean, or even to disinfect. The white surface is both shiny and smooth. Wall decoration offer an interesting alternative to replacing traditional tiles on the wall ideas of a bathroom. Wall panel can offer a very modern decoration. It is also very important in some small rooms to give them a sense of extra depth.