Vintage Bedroom Vanity Set Types

Bedroom Vanity Sets Pink

Bedroom vanity set – designed to fix her hair, put on makeup and try on accessories. bedroom vanity set generally consist of a mirror, often attached to a small table containing a pair of drawers, and a stool or small bank. Selecting a vintage vanity instantly adds atmosphere of the time to his room. There are various styles of antique furniture for you to choose from.

Victorian bedroom vanity set is largely wooden ornate styles that are certain to attract attention and add a fashionable touch definitely gone to her room. Styles of vanity in the period from mid-Victorian era around 1845-1865 were of wood – rosewood, mahogany or walnut were the most common. Vanity tables had cabriole legs and wood often show detailed leaves, flowers or fruit sizes. The top of the vanity tables were round or oval shapes. Victorian toilets at the end of the Victorian era of about 1860-1880 consisted of the same wood as used before, but also including brown.

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Art Deco furniture has clean lines and minimal decoration and geometric often added forms. This style vanity consists of a range of materials such as wood or high polished stainless steel. Such vanities often have leg sensual curves and corners of the table, and mirror frame and scalloped surfaces make strong yet subtle lines and ridges. Such vanities may also contain sculptures and inlaid designs starbursts, sunbursts or gallons. However, this style of the bedroom vanity set has a very attractive look and feel to it.