Vanity Tri Fold Mirror Style

Vanity Tri Fold Mirror Design

Vanity tri fold mirror – Some walk-ins are located along an exterior wall allows for windows, while others are small boxes just barely big enough to turn around in. Whether you are looking for more efficient storage to your closet or ways to make it into something new, your bedroom closet can be an important asset to your home.

No matter what size your closet is, the mirrors help to make it look bigger. Add at least one full-length mirror to your closet along one of the walls and decorate with small mirrors placed at head height in any free space. A vanity tri fold mirror, having a stationary panel in the middle and two wing panels with adjustable angles is a great addition as it will help you to see yourself from all angles, including back when you stand between the wings, making your closet in a full dressing room.

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For small walk-ins who do not have enough space for a tri-fold mirror, try to remove the closet door completely and place a high vanity tri fold mirror front door on the bedroom side to act as a room monitor. This will enlarge the closet a little with an entrance dressing area and make access to your closet simple without taking up more floor space than is needed for a revolving door.

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