Vanity Makeup Mirror Decor

Vanity Makeup Mirror Design

Vanity makeup mirror – The first thing to do is remove the mirror. To do this you have to use an 8 mm socket wrench. That way you will remove the base that serves for the mirror to tilt. Once removed you will only have to remove the two halves that protect the two mirrors, the normal and the magnifying. Both mirrors are separated by a sponge that you will have to remove, although it is easy because it does not have stickers. When you are handling mirrors careful because they have a very clean cut and can harm you. Stay with only the normal mirror, because it is the one you will use for this DIY.

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Decorating vanity makeup mirror, now you will have to disassemble the clock, although it is a very simple task. First you have to remove the protective plastic cap. To do this you must turn the clock and tighten some tabs that have the cover to hold them. Then you have to remove the needles. With which you pull them gently is enough to remove them from the shaft. And, finally, you will have to remove the mechanism helping you with a flat screwdriver. You will see that there is an area with a small notch that will facilitate the task.

Vanity makeup mirror, as you will have to pass the row of LED lights and the hole where the shaft was inserted with the needles is small, you should open it a little more. No problem, because the small hole is the cardboard where the numbers are on the clock, while the one on the plastic is somewhat larger. With a cutter you can expand the hole enough to enter the lights.

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