Unique Baby Boy Crib Bedding

Baby Boy Crib Bedding Etsy

Unique baby boy crib bedding – If you have or are expecting a baby boy, you’ve really been blessed with a gift. Most baby furniture stores and design magazines show same kinds of themes for nurseries for baby boys. Western, cars and teddy bears are common. However, you may want your special gift to have a kindergarten as unique as their individual personalities.

While you will see a lot of baby room that has a specific style decor, such as vintage, modern, classic or ethnic, you will not see a lot of nurseries that have a mix of all these elements. To keep look appropriate unique baby boy crib bedding, choose pieces that are appropriate colors and materials for men, and a mixture of different styles. For example, select teal blue walls with blue, white and green Chinese lanterns, a shabby chic white and blue crib, a colonial-style wooden rocking chair with blue and white cushions make it comfortable and stylish chrome lamp and shag carpet to complete varied appearance .

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Bugs are a colorful and unusual decorating motif for use in unique baby boy crib bedding, but one who will open his mind and heart to creatures great and small. Deck room out bedding, curtains and carpets that show up bright colored ladybugs, bees, beetles, ants and even spiders. Paint a mural on wall that shows errors in work, such as friendship worker bees in a hive or hard-working ants on a hill. A pair of giant plush bug toys will complete interior system, such as a soft red and black ladybug or a shimmering centipede.