Types Of Storage Bunk Beds Design

White Storage Bunk Beds

Storage bunk beds are not just for kids anymore. They can double the amount of sleeping space and they make an ideal solution for small bedroom and guest room guest. Bunk beds are available in a variety of sizes and configurations designed to work with any decor and living room.

A standard storage bunk beds has the traditional one-piece frame that supports two twin-size mattresses stacked on each other. It may or may not have storage drawers built into the bottom of the mattress. A ladder or steps are connected to the frame provides access to the top bunk. Top bunk must have a guard rail along each side of the bed that rises at least 5 inches above the top of the mattress. The wall side must have a continuous rail, while the side that opened into the room can have a 15-inch gap to provide access to the person sleeping in the top bunk.

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A stackable storage bunk bed gives the owner the flexibility to configure the room and is a great way to expand the use of the bunk bed when the children grow up. Instead of having the solid framework of a standard unit, the stackable frame two distinct headboards and footboards. Once passed, headboard and foot board form a traditional bunk bed. If they are separated, they function as two individual twin-size beds. In addition to a wide range of twin-size styles, it is also possible to purchase stackable storage bunk beds with a twin-over-full function. This means that the lower bed is actually a full-size bed, with bunk being a single bed. When you buy stackable bunk beds, it is important to look for the same security features found in the standard storage bunk beds.