Twin Bunk Beds With Stairs

Best Twin Bunk Beds With Stairs

Twin bunk beds with stairs – A bunk let sleeping two children in a room comfortable, even if the room is small. However, a bunk should also stairs for the kids to climb safely in and out of the top bunk. If your bunk bed does not have a set of stairs, you do not have to go to the furniture store to buy it, you can build it yourself with materials and tools from a hardware store.

Measure from the floor to the top of base the upper bunks. Cut the two pieces of wood that will serve as the sides of the stairs using the measurement you recorded. Cut 45-degree angles at both ends of each piece of wood. Cut the last piece of wood into 12-inch lengths. Smooth out the rough edges each piece of wood. Put the two sides of the stairs of twin bunk beds with stairs on the ground, then measure and mark 1-foot intervals along the length of each side.

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Attach the steps to the sides at the marked intervals with nails. The stair of twin bunk beds with stairs must upright with the angle of 45-degree sides on the upper bed and the floor. Close the ladder to the bunk. Drill holes through the top of each side of the stairs and into the bunk. Put the screws into each hole and tighten to hold the ladder in place.