Traditional Cafe Curtain Rods

Cafe Curtain Rods Best

Cafe curtain rods – Cafes (country curtains or “grandma windows”). This is a traditional choice for decorating kitchen windows in the style of Provence, country, the chic and, of course, cafe-style kitchens. They represent one or two curtains, stay on the cornice in the middle of the window or just below. For those who want to decorate your kitchen curtains in cafe style. We have prepared a selection of inspirational photos. Some useful links where you can buy ready-made products. Tips for choosing and manufacturing roofs. As well as 2nd-grade masters on hand sewing curtains.

Despite its simple appearance, cafe curtain rods can be very different in design. Cafe-style curtains can be attached to the roof with the help of different accessories and different ways: in the eyelets, certain bands, on rings with clips on secret and decorative hinges, etc.

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In addition to variations in decoration and fabric design, you can think of country-style curtain combinations, for example with classic cafe curtain rods. This combination is in the kitchen interior. On the window frame separately for each section as shown in the photo below. By the way, this method is perfect for standard plastic windows. You can make your own cornice from the improvised tools.