Toddler Bed With Tent Ideas

Wooden Under Bed Storage On Wheel

Toddler bed with tent – Make your child feel excited to go to sleep will not be a problem once you see your new bed-store. Convert your child’s room in a comfortable place safe to play and sleep is essential. Working together in bed-store your son will be a project that you and your partner enjoy, and even your child can help you pick the fabric. You can make a store permanent that is attached to the bed or flexible that can be removed. Improvise your creativity.

Toddler bed with tent, measure the length and width of your child’s bed. Buy eight wooden slats, at least 1×2 inches (2.54 cm by 5.08), two of the length of the bed, two bed width and four having the height measurement you want to have tent. Alternatively, buy eight tubes of PVC that are at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) longer than the measurements of the bed frame so that the final structure of the tent can be placed on the bed and stand on the floor.

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Toddler bed with tent nails each of the four wooden slats for the height of the tent at the four corners of the bed frame to excel. Nail the remaining four pieces on top to make a rectangular shape that reflects the bed. If you use PVC pipe, assembles the pieces with elbows and T to form a rectangular structure store that will place on the bed.