Tile Wood Decking Squares

Nice Decking Squares

Decking squares – Ceramic tiles should be laid over surfaces that are firm, flat and inflexible, since the movement under the tile can cause cracks. As such, wood decking not preferred base for ceramic tiles. But if your tile project is in a dry setting (not the bathroom) and the decking is very solid, with no loose or moving areas, you can get away with installing ceramic directly over it, with a little extra preparation. Using extra-thick plates (half-inch) is a good idea in these circumstances, because it adds extra strength.

How to install tile wood decking squares, pour liquid compound smoothing the seams of the wooden floor, and on some holes or cracks, fill them and get the floor completely flat. Allow the association set for 48 hours. Snap two intersecting lines across the floor, from start to finish in both directions, with the help of your chalk Snap Line. Use a square to ensure the lines are 90 degrees off each other in the middle. The floor should be divided into four equal squares. Add a layer of thin set mortar over the middle of the floor with a trowel, covering the intersection.

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After that to install tile wood decking squares, press ceramic tiles in one of the four corners of the intersection, at the side of the lines on two sides of the tray. Press additional tiles in around it. Put two spacers per side between the plates when you add them. Spread additional mortar and further press the tile into place, working out the lines, build out from the center in a grid pattern. Allow the mortar to set overnight. Remove the spacers. Pour the floor, with a rubber grout float.

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