The Overflow Pool Deck Drainage System

Deck Drainage System

Deck drainage – Have still water on the pool deck can be extremely dangerous. Slippery pool decks are one of the most dangerous hazards of having a pool. Besides, still water is a perfect environment for germs fast reproduction. And this can cause serious sickness and is not a pretty sight.

That’s why potential pool owners should think of the deck drainage system for their decks. These systems are design for being almost impossible to damage mechanically or stresses with weather conditions. PVC is an extra durable synthetic material; it’s not exposed to corrosion and does not require being change too often.

Plus PVS can take any forms you need it to be, so there is no problem what is your pool size or shape – the deck drainage system is suitable for any types of pool. Before professional pool builders install the deck drainage system to your pool deck. Or next to some other slippery surface on your property they will test the system multiple times. In this way, you will be sure that it’s really working how it should and will not have an unpleasant surprise of for example hitting the pool side with your head (or your child’s head which is even worse) after unexpected slip on your pool patio surface.

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