The Best Blanket Storage Ideas

Small Blanket Storage Ideas

Blanket storage ideas – Storing wool blankets will suitably prevent moths from feasting with blankets. Naphthalene contains naphthalene. In a hermetically sealed container, naphthalene vapors become highly concentrated and adult moths are repelled and larvae killed. These vapors also degrade plastic materials in the immediate area. Preparation for blanket storage ideas. Then insert a blank tissue paper between the folds of the blankets to prevent wrinkling and store in a plastic bag. Squeeze excess air or use a bag that can be vacuumed sealed.

Cedar and plastic storage use a cedar box or plastic container for blanket storage ideas only if the containers close tightly. Cedar will lose its protective properties of oil over time and plastic containers with loose tops will allow moths to enter and eat through the wool. If using naphthalene balls, also check the plastic container at the end of the season for softened or weak spots. If any are found, discard the container.

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Make a loose cloth bag to place the naphthalene balls in the same blanket storage ideas as the blankets. Do not allow naphthalene balls to come in contact with the blankets. And use an additional paper handkerchief to form a barrier between the naphthalene bag and the blankets if necessary. And then keep naphthalene balls away from pets and children to avoid poisoning.