Rustic Bunk Beds: Find Yours

Sliding Barn Doors Rustic Bunk Beds

Do you remember how well you spent it in the summer camps? Those hot months when you did not stop meeting new friends and enjoyed nature in their company. Times have changed and now children have other ways to have fun. If you want to live the atmosphere of summer camps and school farms, nothing more suitable than rustic bunk beds for their bedrooms.

The rustic bunks are the perfect piece of wood for the children’s. Or youth bedroom of town houses where many relatives usually gather each summer. Design really cozy bedrooms with this type of berth. If the house has high ceilings, nothing better than to take advantage of the space vertically placing rustic bunk beds of three heights. Do not worry, being made of solid wood they are very resistant and support a lot of weight.

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The central element of this type of bedroom will be the wooden furniture. In this case the rustic bunk beds. For the walls, suggested you cover one of them with wooden panels and leave the rest with smooth paint in light and earthy tones, such as white, beige or ocher. Decorate with blankets patchwork your rustic bunk and put rugs or carpeting to give warmth to the space.