Replace A Wrought Iron Deck Railing With Wood

Wrought Iron Deck Railing Image

Wrought iron deck railing – Wrought iron porch railings can be a useful addition to a home’s exterior. But if you want your curb appeal and present a more inviting porch for your home, you may want to replace it with wood. A wooden railing mounted on posts with metal fasteners will give a nod to the traditional wrought iron railing while your home warmth and beauty of wood.

How to replace a wrought iron deck railing with wood, adjusting wrench to fit the lag bolts that hold the railing of the porch steps. Screw each team bolt with the key. Lift wrought iron railing of the porch. Position a deck post mount at each step. Center the fasteners in the width of each tread. The outer edge of the brackets must be flush with the end of the stairs. Drive screws supplied fasteners through mounting holes in the stair by means of a screwdriver.

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After that to replace a wrought iron deck railing with wood, slide one end of each post in tire mail attachments. Drive the screws supplied with the mounts through the mounting holes in the posts. Place a bracket 3 inches down from the upper end of each post. Drive the screws included in the brackets through the mounting holes in the posts with a screwdriver. Center the handrail over the top of the brackets. Drive the screws included in the mounting brackets by the holes in the brackets at the bottom of the handrail with a screwdriver.

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