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Pressure treated decking – Choose the right material for your pyntede floor in your deck space. A good choice is pressure treated decking lumber made of commercial timber. Commercial wood milled from trees and tree trunks with many different layers. The two main layers are the heartwood and the sapwood. The heartwood layer is what gives the tree most of its structural strength. The sapwood layers moves the sap from the tree base up to its leaves.

Pressure treated decking types; Douglas Fir has a higher percentage of heartwood than many other species of wood. Manufacturers have to make changes to the preservative to maximize penetration and retention levels. Manufacturers often use an ammonia base as the carrier with preservative and this change increases the corrosive quality of the preservative. This corrosive nature can be short or long term

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Pressure treated lumber was most steeped chromate copper arsenate, which is extremely toxic. Since that time, there are safer pressure used treatments are divided into three main types of preservatives: waterborne, creosol and oil-borne. These treatments are much less toxic than CCA. Waterborne preservatives are the class of choice for housing pressure-treated lumber. A few precautions to take when handling pressure treated decking wood, wear gloves, a dust mask and eye protection when handling the timber, collect as much sawdust as possible after working with pressure treated lumber, and put sawhorses on a tarp to collect waste sawdust, especially in an area where you cannot sweep.

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