Premade Deck Porch Ideas

Premade Deck Design

Premade deck – Many people like the idea of having a deck porch added to their house. It can extend the living space to the outside, and sometimes make an unusable outside space useful. Deck porch ideas have turned high-tech these days. You no longer have to settle for a plain premade deck that requires frequent coloring and maintenance. There are many new types of materials that make owning a deck simple, easy and very fun.

Non-Wood Decking

Homeowners now have a choice of other materials as wood for their premade deck porch structures. The two main types available today are made entirely of plastic or composite materials. Each has its own advantages. All-plastic lumber has ultraviolet inhibitors that help to protect against the sun. You can choose different colors so that it can match the color and style of your home. Composite lumber is a combination of plastic and wood sawdust or other natural fibers.

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Composite is the choice for you if you like the look and feel of wood. Composite wood is easier to install than the all-plastic timber and easier to cut. Composite does not require refinishing and maintenance of 100 percent wood decking, but it is not maintenance as all-plastic timber. It can still absorb water and eventually decay. Composite lumber has a 10-year warranty; entirely of plastic lumber has a 50-year warranty.

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