Practical Book Storage Ideas In Hand

Book Storage Ideas Cube

Any space is good for storing your favorite books. And if not, get inspired by this idea: the free space between the door and the ceiling has been use to enable three very capable shelves as original book storage ideas. If you are one of those who can not lie down without devouring some pages of a book. This idea is perfect for you. The traditional bedside tables have been replace by two symmetrical mini shelves

With a wardrobe area, a small removable shelf to leave the books and a glazed part with shelves, the book storage ideas is complete and decorative by itself. Being gray, it stands out in a distributor dominated by bright beige. Bookcase or closet? Both of them! It is an original and decorative way to store your books. In addition, it is very practical because it is enough to close the furniture so that the books “disappear” from the view and the whole of the room looks more orderly.

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Is there a more relaxing pleasure than combining a bathroom with your favorite reading? This is what the owners of this bathroom should have thought that they took advantage of the free-standing bathtub to “cover” it with a structure that integrates shelves to have book storage ideas at hand.