Paint Distressed Bookcase

Rustic Distressed Bookcase

Distressed bookcase – When a piece of furniture, such as a book, is sad, the painting on the furniture is not solid, smooth and shiny as it might normally be. On the contrary, the paint is chipped in places and looks like the bookcase has been around for much longer than it actually has. A distressed bookcase that has its sad really stands out and catches the eye.

To paint distressed bookcase, Chip away small bits of paint on the bookcase, using sandpaper. Start with the upper and lower corners of the bookcase; Of course, worn distressed bookcases usually add some damage at the edges due to hitting the walls as it moves. Chip away more paint, with the aid of the sandpaper, in the areas that would be experienced wear and tear, of course, including the top of the shelves on which the books are housed, as well as on the edges of the entire distressed bookcase.

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Distressed bookcase, Place a few little dents and nicks in the base of the bookcase, using the hammer, further to this the antique or old appearance. Be careful not to touch the distressed bookcase too hard with the hammer to prevent serious damage.

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