Paint Ashley Furniture Kids Bedroom Sets

Ashley Furniture Bedroom Sets Canada

Ashley furniture kids bedroom sets – A kids room is usually more than just a place to sleep. This is a play area, too, and funky pops of color make the space cozy and fun. Painted furniture is a great way to add color to the space without breaking the bank. In addition to adding visual interest, the right paint can be handy. Latex paint high gloss, easy to clean and durable enough to withstand rough play and fall.

Remove all hardware on furniture. Wooden Ashley furniture kid’s bedroom sets sand with sandpaper grain 220. The paint will adhere better if the furniture is newly sanded. In a metal surface, only if you notice rust sand. Plastic surfaces are best left without sand. Clean dust sandpaper with a damp cloth. Apply plastic tape for any painter kitchen furniture cushions or other parts you do not want painted. Prepare the surface, using a synthetic bristle brush.

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Paint the Ashley furniture kids bedroom sets with latex paint high gloss. Use a foam brush, such as high gloss finishes show marks bristled brush. Painting in parallel lines. Apply templates for Ashley furniture kids bedroom sets, using masking tape after the base coat to dry for 24 hours. The templates make it easy to add colorful shapes and fun images of kid’s furniture. Complete stencils, use latex paint high gloss and foam brush. Remove the templates and masking tape after the paint has dried for 24 hours.