New Concept In Quadruple Bunk Bed

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The “life-long” bunk does not go out of fashion, it reinvents itself in a new concept in which it no longer only serves to sleep but also becomes a space for entertainment and inspiration for the children of the house. As for the quadruple bunk bed, they are generally two bunk beds, but the bottom bed is a nest with a drawer, which gives 2 more spaces, the nest and the crawl space, like our Snow bunk (quadruple).

Although more classic in style, is ideal for large families with 3 children. It is also very useful to receive guests by the drag or third bed. This quadruple bunk bed is available in pine and white color. It is also a very interesting option since the beds can be used separately, leaving 2 beds almost twin and with ideal characteristics for the growth of children.

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In its stacked version, the upper part would be for safety for the older child and the lower part for the younger. However, in its flat version the quadruple bunk bed have the inverse function. As you can see, the upper bed has a very practical handrail for small children that would avoid risks of falls, while the lower part could be used for the older brother.