Materials Used In Ancient Rustic Rocking Chairs

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Rustic rocking chairs are one of the most beloved pieces of furniture passed down from generation to generation. Configuration memories in sleep or be shaken after a bad fall, are some of the earliest memories of childhood. But, regardless of age, the rocker has changed very little. There are standard materials for the realization of durable rocker lasting a few hundred years.

Wood to rustic rocking chairs, There are soft and hard woods. Most of the old rockers, especially the still in use, are made of a hardwood such as oak. Although there are some well-made old rockers formed softwood such as pine, most simply have a problem holding up the tension through which a rocker sets. So why many old rockers who have survived the test of daily use for several generations are carved from a hardwood.

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Most of the old rustic rocking chairs have a wooden flange that surrounds the seat. This flange hides the wooden key through which the bolts pass to attach the bottom of the seat legs. Find the original screws. Many older screws will be slightly discolored, compared with a screw molding soft metals in the last century. Screws are an original old rocker that has lasted several generations was of iron and other hard metals.