Making Toddler Bed Tent

Toddler Bed Tent Autism

Toddler bed tent – If this holiday think go camping with kids , maybe this convenience store campaign is a good idea for the space problems in your old shop … it is a tent with inflatable mattress that serves as a travel cot . Thus the child is equally sheltered from the sun and weather, as well as mosquito bites and other insects, and sleep comfortable, although it seems a bit odd that is separate from the parents. Making a tent in the child’s bed. If you ever you have raised this question, today we teach you to make a tent in bed for the kids flipped of joy and feel that every day is camping!

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This idea of toddler bed tent decor is extremely easy, you will see that in a while will have mounted the tent, almost effortless … and without spending too much! To make a tent on the child’s bed will need: colored cloth (. Stamped or smooth, as prefer is the size depends on the height as you want to give the tent), a table leg Ikea (or similar) and tools.

Toddler bed tent, you assure the table leg to the wall. Then you place yourselves fabric over it and voila! To ensure good the tent, you can put Velcro in the middle of the fabric that allows you affirm on the table leg. The best of this tent is that you can dismantle and inserting whenever you want. If the small not feel like being camping, just you take away the fabric and ready.

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