Making Single Bunk Bed Cinderella

Single Bunk Bed For Girls

Single bunk bed – A typical bed for a princess room has a canopy with soft shades. You can create such a single bunk bed even if your room needs small bedrooms for two princesses. Place your bed with pure blue fabric to make a single bunk bed Cinderella. Measure from the floor to the top of the bracket and add 4 inches to this distance.

Cut two pieces of pipe 1 longer than the first two inch tubes. Cut the tube by placing it in a miter box and cut straight. Measure the distance from the top of a tube to the top of the diagonal line through her bed.

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Insert the four best bars in the openings in two of 60 degrees angle of 40 hours piping to create two lengths of tube angle. Iron a crease of half-inch on the cut ends of the two pieces of fabric, then iron to a 3-inch hem. Sew the hem in place by the sewing machine 1/4 inch of the top cap. Place the fabric over half of the frame by placing the center of the fabric on the center of the top of the frame and tie in place with a short piece.