Making Mirrored Frames Door Cabinet

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Mirrored frames – If your bathroom has a regular mirror on her medicine cabinet door, you can dress it up with a wooden mirror frame. Many craft stores offer light wood frame components suitable in the edge of a medicine cabinet door. If you can not find the wood frame materials at a craft store, lumber yards and home improvement stores offer many styles of light wood molding that they also will be cut to your specifications to make a medicine cabinet door frame.

Making mirrored frames, measure the length and width of the outer edge of the mirror. Take these measurements with you to the store when selecting wood molding. Choose lightweight pieces with rabbet edges because they are more likely to stay glued in place on the mirror. Make sure the pieces you choose are narrow so they don’t interfere with the opening and closing of the door. Cut the molding to fit the mirror if you buy pre-cut pieces. Use a miter cut corners at a 45-degree angle.

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Apply paint or stain to both sides of the wooden molding and allow drying for two weeks. If you don’t paint on the back of the wood, you will be able to see its normal again reflected in the mirror. Mix equal parts of epoxy resin and epoxy hardener together with a wooden craft stick on a piece of scrap cardboard. When the resin and hardener are all the same color, spread the glue on rabbet groove of the pieces of wood molding.

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