Make A Deck Pergola Cover

Perfect Deck Pergola

Deck pergola – Lets starting with lay out a few 4-by-4-inch posts width of the pergola. Nail or screw together a pair of 2-by-10-inch plates to obtain a double thickness. Place the double 2-by-10 between the four-by-four posts, flush with the top edges of the posts. Use a carpenter € ™ s level to make sure the corners are square. With nails or screws, connect the corners with toenail joints (which operate screws or nails in at a 45-degree angle). This will form a support post part of the pergola. Repeat this process to create support section the other end. If your pergola will be more than 8 meters create multiple support sections to place between ends.

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Secure add bump big enough to accommodate 4-by-4 posts to the surface of the deck pergola. The brackets should be placed directly over the support posts and pillars that anchor tires to the ground. Next, standing support parts of the pergola, attach them to the post brackets installed on the deck. Nail or screw together two pieces of 2-by-10 lumber to run the length of the pergola on each side. Attach these double-width sections to support posts, flush with the top of the posts.

Check again to make sure the corners are square and place a level on each of the top joists to ensure that the structure is level. Last, cut pieces of 2-by-10 lumber 4 to 8 inches longer than the length between the outer support posts. Using a jigsaw, cut 2-inch-long-by-4-inch wide notch in these boards where they will face support beams. Lay notch boards lengthwise across the top of your deck pergola € ™ s supports 8-inch intervals. Attach these cross boards support beams with wood screws.

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