Log Cabin Living Room Design

Log Cabin Living Room Wood

Log cabin living room – With land between two buildings and poor lighting. Studio Alma-nac from London has designed a house that can solve the lighting problem with its roof. With a land width of 2.3 meters, they managed to provide uniqueness to the shape of the house that also works well. It does not look like an initial shadow, this is the front form of the slender house. Being in a busy and busy environment on St. John’s Hill, Clapham, London. Looks normal, but will look different from the back side that has been designed attractively.

With a log cabin living room, the room in the house can cause a sense of tightness. But they argue that the key to designing this house is to ensure natural lighting can enter the room in the house so as to give the impression of a spacious and bright space.

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With this house’s log cabin living room, the house feels wider and also brighter. With a sloping roof equipped with skylights will meet the needs of natural lighting in the room. At the lowest roof, there is a dining room and also a kitchen that is directly connected to the backyard of the house. Do not forget there is also a warehouse in this outdoor area.