Living Room Fireplace Design

Living Room Fireplace Unique

Living room fireplace – Fireplaces have great benefits when the rainy season is heating.  A beautiful and unique collection of living room fireplace designs for the living room that will really catch your attention because of its beauty. All designs come in various shapes and sizes, different designs, different colors, and materials. The design that you will see mostly only functions as decoration to beautify the room.

This living room fireplace combines contemporary accessories with a retro touch. The color of the red sofa remains attractive despite being in a dim room. All decorations and accessories look outdated. But with this elegant fireplace, creating a warm and comfortable look.

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The classic design radiates from this old-looking fireplace. Modern living room fireplaces are flanked by accent chairs and mirrors as wall hangings. Gray brick texture can no doubt improve the appearance of this simple living room. This family room has a mix of diverse textures, patterns and ingredients to create a global and eclectic beauty. Dark blue becomes an accent on the curtain and some decorations on the wall. This simple fireplace has a color that matches the sofa and floor. Neutral walls, floors, and furniture provide this small space of life and create a fireplace feature with its wood texture increasingly prominent.