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Lexington bedroom furniture is a Swedish company that produces household linens inspired by the American style (country, urban, coastal …). Its products are top quality cotton oxford, poplin and flannel. Stylish designs that never go out of style. Fine wood furniture provides aesthetic appeal and function. Furniture today is solid, porous and non-porous wood, and made for indoor use and outdoor. Specific types of wood depend on demand and availability.

The nut is a strong wood known for its strength and durability. It is used for storage units such as cabinets and Lexington bedroom furniture support meant for storing objects. In the United States, walnut is often used for furniture and carved cabinets.

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There are several types of maple. Acre has been used since colonial times and is a preferred wood because of its smooth, flowing patterns and durability. The most expensive type includes tiger maple variety, which resembles the pattern of stripes of a tiger. The dark brown stripes on a rich base of lighter brown maple wood tiger gives an exotic look. Natural wood of Lexington bedroom furniture is often varnished, highlighting the pattern and provides a high gloss shine.