Latest Trends: Slim Bookcase!

Slim Bookcase White

For I came to mind this weekend while working at my desk and I needed a place folders, and I realized I had no shelf on which you leave. I immediately came to mind several ideas to make a personalized slim bookcase that would fit right in the space I need, and I realized how easy and economical it is to get a practical shelf materials that are easy to find.

But beware! Depending on the style you want to define in the room you do not have to choose by putting books in your slim bookcase. If you want a more minimalist air, pure and straight lines that do not invite grocery shelves copies. You should opt for decorative accessories.

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But if instead, you want to use to sort your collection of books it is best to opt for hanging shelves to give more brightness to the room, the parallel shelves to give a sense of order and the floor to ceiling in dark colors (if your walls are high). Slim bookcase of colors, invisible, flexible, with different shapes, sizes and materials, hanging … endless possibilities for you to give to the one that best suit your home. Have you found yours?

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