Large Bathroom Mirror In Best Options

Large Bathroom Mirror

Large bathroom mirror – What kind of mirror is the best we go? To decide this we have to take into account the size of our bathroom and the wall to which we will adosaremos, the type of style that goes more with the furniture of the room or the lighting of the room And of course, our tastes.

Round, square, rectangular, with original geometric designs … the shape is one of the features in which we look more when we go to acquire the mirror our bathroom. But beyond its shape, we must also look at the size and where to place it. On the one hand, the ideal is that we buy a large bathroom mirror with which we see the whole head and upper torso, but if the family members are very different heights will be more difficult to reach an agreement.

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One step further the large bathroom mirror are attached to the furniture. Very popular during the seventies and eighties, these mirrored storage pieces have been renewed and updated and are still as current as they were then, given their great functionality. This is a great option if our bathroom is small or if we need extra space to store personal hygiene products.

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