King Platform Bed Frame Design

Awesome King Platform Bed Frame

King platform bed frame – A bed frame platform is the simplest design available; consisting of a single sheet of wood, low to the ground, where you can rest your mattress. Platform beds can be placed above the shelves and drawers to create storage space, placed on pedestals to reach a certain height or built with short legs to achieve both goals. Plans for a standard queen mattress can be used for a California king just by changing the dimensions of the wood.

King platform bed frame place a rectangle with beams of 80 inches as the sides and two 73 – inch beams, contained within the beams of 80 inches, as the upper and lower edges. All beams should rest on the narrow sides (2 inches wide). Secure rectangle with two screws for corner drilling screws through the face of an 80 – inch beam and the end of a beam 73 inches.

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King platform bed frame adjust the remaining four beams 73 inches inside the rectangular frame to form the ribs. These beams, also put on their narrow sides, must be aligned in parallel to the other beams spaced approximately 73 inches and 15 centimeters from each other and ending frame. Screw the four beams in place as did the original frame, using two screws per junction. Place the sheet of plywood on top of the frame so that the sheet edges are flush with the edges of the frame.