Interior Tropical Living Room

Tropical Living Room Sweet

Tropical living room – a typical tropical interior style with a concept that prioritizes an impression that can compensate for climate conditions in the tropics is perfect if you present it in the interior of the house. This style is the right idea for those of you who live in tropical regions like Indonesia. You can present a tropical nature in the interior of the living room. The method is easy by presenting natural elements of the room such as rattan, wood or bamboo.

For example, to create a tropical living room style, you can apply the typical colors of this design like brown. The color is able to give a natural impression, looks shady, and is a familiar natural color. Wrap the brown color on all sides of the wall. This color applies also to the floor part of the parquet floor type.

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Ornament rooms such as coffee tables, corner tables, and painting frames should be applied again in brown. For a balanced feel, paste the cream color, which is if the sofa combines brown pillows. Make sure the furniture used comes from wood materials such as coffee tables, corner tables, and display racks. So, the natural atmosphere is environmentally friendly according to your tropical living room concept.