Installing Vintage Glass Door Knobs

Old Vintage Glass Door Knobs

Vintage glass door knobs – Install a door handle locks will increase the security of your home. A door knob lock will provide more security than the one lock alone. Two types of door handles locks are available, single and double. Whatever lock you choose, installation of vintage glass door knobs is the same.


Do not drill completely through the door from a side that this will cause splinters. Drill hole from each side of the door. Drill a hole with a spade bit and a drill through the edge of the door in the hole just drilled. This allows the latch to get out on the edge of the door. Insert the latch into the hole on the edge of the door. Close the door into the door frame and open.  Draw a line around the area that needs to be removed to the latch plate to sit flush inside edge of the door.

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A hammer can be used to tap the end of the chisel. Replace the bolt and the front for the last time. Use screws to attach it to the door. Push each side of the vintage glass door knobs lock. Screw the two parts together with the screws and screwdriver. Use the chalk line as a reference. Attach the strike plate with the screws and a drill.