Installing Art Supply Storage Ideas

Design Art Supply Storage Ideas

Art supply storage ideas – Create a wall-mounted storage container for your drilling and bits collection. Making sure you’re always in the right size to use a little hand when you need it. The container, which makes it easy to see what size and type of pieces you have. Can also be built with space to keep any additional drilling tools you intend to acquire in the future.


Calculate the number of drill bits, screwdriver blades or other tool parts that you want to insert into the art supply storage ideas. Use angle hooks to bend off the 2-of-4 in three sections. The first section should be the largest. Make a line at 18-inch mark. The remaining two sections will be nine inches each. Make a selection to share them.

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Draw a grid of 2-by-4 with lines at every 1/2 inch using the angle hook and carpentry pen. This will give you the points where you need to drill to create bit holders. Insert a 3/8 “drill into a drill bit. This art supply storage ideas will drill up the holes that will hold the bits and any pieces you may have. Do not drill holes with 3/8 inch drill. Continue drilling the holes along the lattice lines in the two nine-inch parts of the board, drilling only 3/4 of an inch on the board for each hole. Put the largest drill you have in the drill bit drill and drill the hole that is at the back to the left of the place where the drill bits are to be stored. Drill holes for drill bits at 1 inch depth.

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