Install Curved Window Curtain Rod

Curved Window Curtain Rod Modern

Curved window curtain rod – Curved windows provide visual and decorative variations in the room. Hanging the curtain in a curved window requires finding the right rod and hardware for the job. The manufacturer has heard the calls of thousands of decorators and homeowners and created products that provide solutions. There is an easy way to hang curtains on curved windows.

Install the curved window curtain rod tube with a plastic rod that is bent over the shape of the window. Start by measuring the shape of the window – measure the grooves and then each side of the leg from the eyebrow window, measure the circumference of the circle or oval shape and measure only the rounded part of the curved window or quarter circle. Order the kit according to the size of the rod that it provides compared to the measurements made.

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Buy two kits and connect the curved window curtain rod to the larger size. The kit includes mounting clips, splicing attachments, and rods and can be found through the curtain supply house and some fabric stores. Put the curtain in a curved or curved window using a kit designed specifically for this purpose. Measure the length of the arch or arch that is accommodated.