Ideas Mosaic Mirror Wall Decor

Best Mosaic Mirror Wall Decor

Mosaic mirror wall decor – A mirror frame, decorated with a beautiful mosaic, is something that I love in a particular way. There are precious mosaics and not only to decorate some mirror frame, also to decorate walls or other complements of our home. With one or several CDs or DVDs you do not use, you can decorate the mirror frame you want. The idea is to break that CD or cut it, carefully. With the remains that have come out, we will decorate the frame. These remains become small, bright pieces. As if it were a puzzle, the pieces of CD we hit them; in this way we made the whole frame.

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When sunlight or any other source of illumination touches the frame mosaic mirror wall decor you will see what a beautiful hue it takes. To realize this idea is simpler than it seems. DVD chunks can cut them alike or in different ways to make a more dynamic design. In other occasions we have seen how to make balls of party, also with remnants of CD.

Ideas mosaic mirror wall decor, I think it is a pretty practical and striking idea , in addition we are also recycling CDs and DVDs that do not serve us for the passage of time or because they are scratched. The way to paste these remains can be in several ways. It is his job to get a silicone gun and go, little by little, pressing each piece until it is fixed. With the silicone we will in a moment. But if you like white clay or plaster, you can work together.

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