Ideas For Install Solid Wood Wall Panels

Stylish Wood Wall Panels

Solid wood wall panels for interior walls come in many varieties of woods and stains. Many interior decorators choose solid wood panels because of their durability and daily wear resistance. Create custom look inside the home by installing solid wood panels, which can give the room a warm glow. The most difficult part of this project will be the choice of what style of panels to install.

Place the solid wood wall panels in the installation room for at least 48 hours before starting. This allows the wood to acclimatize to the room constantly changing humidity and humidity levels, as well as fluctuating temperatures. Remove all skirting, moldings and adjustment door, using a lever bar. Apply light pressure on the decorative pieces so they do not crack or break. Set all items in good condition aside for later installation. Glide a study finder on the width of the wall to find all the bolts located behind the plasterboard.

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Cut the pieces lined with solid wood so they are 1/4 inch shorter than the height of the roof. Place the first piece of wood panels against the wall of the edge of the corner of the first marking board. The piece of wood panels must have exact correct measurements so that both edges are centered on the studs. Hammer finishing nails, specified by the manufacturer of wood panels, every 6 inches in the wood siding along the edges, starting at one edge and working its way to the other edge. Hammer finish nails more every 8 to 12 inches along each right foot across the wood wall panels, using a rubber hammer to minimize damage.

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