Ideal And Wonderful Twin Bookcase Headboard

Twin Bookcase Headboard Designs

“I need ideas for decorating headboard” you can teach me some? With this brief question we wrote a twin bookcase headboard in here. As does not explain what kind of environment or what style you are thinking, we decided to make a selection among all headboards we have done or photographed for her and everyone those of you in their own find yourselves circumstances inspiration in ideas.

If you like reading in bed and have books on hand and in order, twin bookcase headboard are ideal options. A decorative base placed side by side of wall to which they have attached a series of small drawers at ends. Both elements are lacquered fiber board in a soft gray.

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On one hand, if you want to dispense with headboard and highlight bed, giving it a special touch, place a box or interesting films, even pictures that you like or a composition of several directly on wall, framing bed area. A second option is placing a framed wooden panel on which you can support pictures.

We ended our tour with this extraordinary twin bookcase headboard made โ€‹โ€‹of open books in half; you will definitely fascinate readerโ€™s night. They are placed on a wooden board and glued with a strong adhesive; also pages of books are glued to not move. Wonderful, right?

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