How To Repair Mirror Wall Clock

Mirror Wall Clock Antique

Mirror wall clock – Beautifully carved wooden case, ornate knobs and shiny brass pendulum bob’s all make-sounding mirror wall clock a storefront in any home. However, the clock is beauty disturbed when a flat, metallic or subdued distortion developed in warning melody and signals that it is time for an adjustment. Chime bell hammer must be the center of their respective chime bars and be the right distance from them at rest. You can make these adjustments and restore the quality of the tone of your watch.


Open the front panel on the mirror wall clock. Stop the pendulum motion with a soft cloth in his hand. Remove the minute hand locknut. Turn the nut counterclockwise by hand. If the nut is tight, supporting hand near its center hub and use pliers to loosen the nut.

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Remove the minute hand of its arbor heel. Take the hour by turning it in any direction while pulling it forward. Grasp the hand with its center hub as you drag. Remove the perimeter screws that secure the wheel to the wood case using the appropriate screwdriver. Pull the knob forward from the case at the edges.

Locate the chime rods and hammers. The chime rod assembly is mounted on one side of the watch case interior. The hammers are independent of each other and secured in the clock mechanism. Inspect the centering of each of the hammers in proportion to their respective chime rods. You must center each hammer over the bar and not in contact with any other hammer. A small hand mirror works well to perform this check. Wind the mirror wall clock springs fully using the winding key.

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