How To Make Sofa Bunk Bed Convertible

Awesome Sofa Bunk Bed Convertible

Sofa bunk bed convertible – Perfect for guests to spend the night and homeowners to relax and read a book or enjoy an afternoon of leisure, daybeds add a decorative and cozy addition to any space in the house. Daybeds come in many sizes and varieties, but the least expensive way to add one to your home is to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Here is a plan that includes a trip to the hardware store, a wooden door and a few hours of your time to make a sofa-bed that guarantees sweet dreams.

Buy a five panel door from a hardware store. Ask about having the wood cutting department cut the door in half or cut yourself at home. The two halves will be the sides of the sofa bunk bed convertible. Cut the 1 x 3 wooden boards into six strips of the following sizes: four of the strips should each be measuring the size of the height of the divan sides. For example, if the door was 80 inches high, the divan sides are each 40 inches high. The four 1 x 3 strips must measure 40 inches. The remaining two 1 x 3 strips should measure 38 inches each.

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Use a drill and screws to attach the four 1 x 3 strips of wood (length 40 inches) to each of the sofa bunk bed convertible sides. Screw the two 1 x 3 unused strips to the top of the divan sides. Apply two coats of primer to the sides divan if the final product will be white or whitish. Let it dry completely. Apply two coats of paint. Join the divan sides of a metal bed frame with screws after the paint is completely dry..