South Shore Bookcase

South Shore Bookcase  Red

South shore bookcase – Ladders of wood, old and not very safe for regular use can transform your home decor. Here you will find 15 ideas that can guide you in the use of these supplements to create your own decor. They are a very fashionable resort and offers great potential as shelves and side tables for any room in the geometry of straight lines and the angle, double scales allow us to use more than one to form original creations.

A couple of them as we see in this example can replace the south shore bookcase typical room furniture the same way are ideal for an office, simply by adding a few planks of wood we will be a great shelf to organize our library ladder with his great length and narrow width will be perfect for decorating a small room in a house with high ceilings. It will be a complement to herself library library.

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How to install a ladder is also very important to achieve an effect or another. South shore bookcase In this modern space of straight lines a single shelf placed horizontally on the wall becomes a huge bookcase that combines superbly with the rest of furniture. Even more elaborate preparations that create a strong impact on the decor of the room. Hand scales are a good simple to use for any decor.


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