How To Decorate Teens Bedding

Colorfull Teens Bedding

Teens bedding – can be tricky to work with. Most teens have grown characters or themes for their rooms, but are not ready for something harsh and conservative quite yet. Color is a teenager’s best friend when it comes to beds. Let the colors to show the teenagers personal style and build on prints, patterns and texture for depth that adds life to teenagers room. Choose bold colors. Most teenagers want their rooms to stand out. Bold colors need not be neon light, just saturated shades like burgundy, cobalt blue or rust orange.  Allow the teen to select a color palette that she will be happy with for a few years as she gets older. A monochromatic color scheme opens a space, while still showcasing different shades of a color.

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Add serious pop of contrasting shades. When a monochromatic color scheme does not work for your teens bedding, go with contrasting colors for a wow factor. Complementary colors like navy and yellow, pink and purple or red and white are solid color schemes for a teen to build on with the rest of her room decor.

For subtle variation in the bedding, add printed sheet and standard pillowcase. This provides beds some depth, but still look sophisticated to a teens bedding. While bedding for a teenager should never be juvenile or appear as a young child’s room, there is nothing wrong with injecting subtle prints and bold colors to create a playful look with personality.

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