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December 1, 2019 Bookcase Ideas

How to Decorate Leaning Bookcase

Leaning bookcase have a diagonal design that makes them seem like they’re leaning to one side. These types of bookcases come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, some of which seem to lean backwards, while others lean left or right. Take advantage of these leaning, abstract designs when decorating your home so you get the most out of a contemporary, modern, artistic and eclectic theme.

Beautiful Leaning Bookcase

Beautiful Leaning Bookcase

Submit your favorite photos of friends and family on any shelf of the lopsided bookcase. Depending on the style of your bookshelf, you can choose to place the big-framed pictures on the larger, lower shelf with small framed photos in the direction of the summit.

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Insert a variety of colorful potted plants on the leaning bookcase, so they repeatedly drawn. Opt for those plants that bloom in colors that complement the rest of your interior. Show off your figurine collection. If you figurines in various collectible categories, another category on every shelf. So place your Precious Moments and Disney characters on alternating boards. Switch to create the placement of your books with figurines and decorative pieces with an eclectic display in your home.

Place a leaning bookcase on either side of your TV and use it as a decorative entertainment display. For a modern theme, use the bookshelves as decorative pieces to improve the abstract shapes of your space. Otherwise, insert your DVD and music collections on these documents. Decorate your home by placing a variety of decorative pieces on each shelf. Use the bookcase as a “chimney” to touches such as chandeliers and plants that show complement the rest of your interior.

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