How To Create A Vintage Grey Bookcase

Best Grey Bookcase

Grey bookcase – While a vintage piece of furniture is determined by the authenticity and age, if you like the look of antiques, you can put a bookcase in your house in a vintage looking piece with a few coats of paint.

Keep in mind that you need to store a gun paint sprayer renting your local housing supply to ensure the most even finish possible. The best part of a vintage, crackle is that you can make mistakes and finishing will still attractive.

Spread a cloth on a flat outdoor space.  Place the grey bookcase on top of the drop cloth. Wipe the bookcase with a sponge to remove dust and dirt. Wipe it off with a dry cloth.  Spray the bookcase with the main base color with a spray gun. Let the paint dry completely.

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Apply the crackle medium the first third of the cabinet with a brush. Then apply the top layer with the aid of the spray gun. Then the crackle medium applies to the second third of the bookcase, followed by the top coat. Repeat until the entire grey bookcase is covered with crackle medium and top coat. The top layer should be applied quickly after the application of the crackle medium. Let the paint dry thoroughly before the grey bookcase back into your home.

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