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Cubby bookcase – measurement of the length and height of the wall where you want to install the cubicles, using tape. Then dividing the height of the entire structure you want to do for the height of each cubicle to add. For example, if you have a total height of 6 feet and want each cubicle measuring 2 feet, you end up with 3. Multiply the number calculated by the number of shelves you want.

After that mark the width measurement step 2 for each 1 inch by 12-inch panels. Cut each piece of wood with a miter saw to the desired length. Cut 1-inch by 12-inch pieces of wood by measuring the height of step 2 so that the rack is cut correctly and cubicles is the desired size. Freshly cut each piece divider using the width measurement.

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Next glue the pieces of the cabin together. Mark the area where the bookcase will go with a laser level and a pencil. Each piece of 1 inch by 1 inch to frame the walls, using a hammer and nails 2 inches or a nail gun to secure strips of nails. Heavy nails will split the wood or damaging the wall.

Last place the dividing panels between the cubby bookcase, making sure they are evenly spaced as measured by the width of each cubicle. Wood glue applied at either end of the divider that affects the bookcase. Dividers with nails instead of nails or nail gun. Allow the wood glue about 2 hours to dry before placing objects in the cubicles. Your cubby bookcase is ready to use.

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