How Do Bunk Bed With Stairs

Wooden Bunk Bed With Stairs

A bunk bed allows two children to sleep comfortably in the same room, even if it is small. However, you also need a litter stairs for kids get on and off the top bunk so sure. Measure the distance between the floor and the top of the top bunk bed with stairs. Record the measurement. Cut two pieces of wood to serve as the sides of the ladder using the measure you listed. Short angles of 45 degrees at both ends of each piece of wood.

Cut the last piece of wood into lengths of 30, 48 cm. These will become the rungs of the ladder for bunk bed with stairs. Sand the edges of each piece of wood to smooth any roughness. Place the two sides of the stairs on the floor, then measure and mark 30, 48 cm on the sides of the length of each side.

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One steps nailed to the sides at marked intervals. The ladder should be vertical with the sides angled at 45 degrees leaning against the top bunk and floor. Drill holes in the top of each side of the stairs and into the bunk bed with stairs. Place the bolts in each hole and adjust them to keep the stairs instead.