Hippie Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hippie Room Decor Ebay

Hippie bedroom decor – The hippie culture was about many things, including the intensification of normal society and returning to nature and outdoor life. Peace signs, flowers, bright colors representing the rainbow (think tie-dye), natural woods, fabrics, leather and beads were all representative of this attitude. Decorating a hippie bedroom is easy if you keep these issues in mind. In addition, stores that sell hippie decor abound online, so you should have no problem finding the right decorations.

Replace closet doors with beaded curtains. Beaded curtains were an extremely popular theme during the hippie era. If desired, you can also replace other interior doors with these beaded curtains. Place the cloth thrown over the furniture or modern looking bored. Lana for a hippie bedroom decor theme can be dyed tie, the style of the American Indians, or simple fringed throws in solid colors.

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Floor cushions 3 place on the floor. A hippie bedroom decor has to do with comfort. All should feel comfortable and relaxed. Place the incense burners and candles on small tables or comfortable. Both were very popular during the hippie era. Even if you never use the burner or candle, a hippie feel to the room will be added. Hang peace sign flower power or posters on the wall. Any popular poster band of the time (Jefferson Airplane, for example) will also work.