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Pool deck drains are runoff drains that collect and channel water which escapes from a pool from the pool area. There are several types of drainage tires, all of which are intended to keep the tire, dry and safe. The type of tire drain has to determine whether it requires a trap, a detachable mesh screen or basket to collect hair, leaves and other debris. Some pool deck has standard, round drain holes. These drains are located at the low points on the deck and transport the water downwards. Because most of the drain is buried in the pile, requires these drains generally traps next gear deep in the drain hard to reach and difficult to remove. A trap removes large solids into the buried drain lines, making it much easier to remove them during routine maintenance by emptying the trap.

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Specialized pool deck drains is long, continuous drainage channels, catch the water all around the deck area. They are installed on a slight slope to deflect the pool water to a single point where it flows into a reservoir or on the ground. Most deck drain systems have traps, known as clean-outs, where they have baskets or filters to trap debris and prevent backup of the entire system.

Not all pool deck drains must be caught. For example, some run-off removable cover. The drain cover, which features slots so that the water in, unsnaps from the buried drainage channel. This makes it easy to remove a portion of the cover drain to remove dirt and have the water flows again. Meanwhile, water can wash away solid objects to force them to collect on any one point, which means less maintenance.

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