Handmade Wardrobe Craft Storage Ideas

Clever Craft Storage Ideas

You do not need to be an artist or craftsman to create a well-appointed closet environment for supplies. Are you need to store office supplies, scrapbooking tools or arts and crafts? There are many different ways to make smart use of craft storage ideas. Use the items you already have around the house intelligently to create a well organized craft cabinet.

Convert an Armoire

Convert a wardrobe into a functional closet to create space for office or craft items. A standard cabinet will have more shelves already integrated into the frame. Take one of these shelves out to make room for a row of files or magazine holders. Secure a row of mini drawers at the bottom of the shelf above the magazine holders. You can also choose to label individual drawers or shelves according to the materials they contain. Now your beautiful wardrobe doubles as furniture for your home and craft storage ideas for your tools of the trade.

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Containers labeled

Even the smallest of cabinets can organized to use space. It’s as simple as developing a container labeling system. Labeled containers are practical. Since it is possible to organize type supplies and stack different containers. Use transparent containers for added convenience. So that you can see what materials are contained in each of the bins craft storage ideas.